Applied Physiology


“What I am feeling and how I feel about it is the essence of my experience, and as such is also the essence of both my development and my degeneration.”

     Juhan, p. XXVIII

“All encompassing love is the state in which the body, mind and spirit are balanced and integrated, the ideal state in which perfect health is present. When individuals can respond without attachment to an attitude, they can act responsibly and love unconditionally.”

   Richard D. Utt L. Ac


What is Applied Physiology

    Our anatomy and physiology, result from a combination of our genetic composition and our environment. When we internalize events that occur in our external environment, the result is knowledge, both intellectual and bodily. From this knowledge we form opinions, attitudes and postures that direct future behavior, impact our physical bodies and limit our life energy. This is often experienced as a loss of overall vitality.

    Through Applied Physiology (AP), body imbalances and blockages are ascertained and balanced using techniques which include gentle manual muscle manipulations, acupressure, nutrition, positive affirmations and therapeutic sound.  AP helps an individual to experience and maintain a sense of well-being, relaxation, and deeper understanding of themselves, a deeper connection to their feelings, and a deeper intimacy with their-selves and their lives. The practitioners of AP assist clients to embrace their decision to pursue health and teach them that they are the best healers of themselves - unconditional self love.


Who has benefited from Applied Physiology

Individuals with chronic, nagging pain or numbness

Athletes with  performance blockages and regressions

Individuals with chronic fatigue


Individuals suffering with PTSD or a traumatic history